As an offensive security enthusiast I am playing around and testing all kinds of different GenAI / LLM stack and models on an almost daily basis. Local stacks like genai-stack are interesting projects, especially if you care about your data protection.

Just recently I watched this DEFCON talk by Aapo Oksman:

You must know your attack surface
Thursday, May 18th 2023

In todays digital world, businesses are constantly exposed to security threats. With the rapid adoption of cloud services, IoT devices, and web applications, managing an organizations attack surface has become increasingly vital. Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM) is an essential component of any effective cybersecurity strategy, helping companies stay ahead of threats and protect their valuable assets.

Web3 - My personal opinion
Thursday, December 22nd 2022

Web3 - a brave new world full of possibilities and potential. Or should we better say: a world full of cryptoscams, ponzyschemes and long-suffering users who have lost their hard-earned money?

Recently I discovered my love of using docker to organize all my stuff.